Certified Contractor Program 

The GUS Certified Contractor Program was created by GUS to pre-qualify all subcontractors who perform emergency clean-up and repair services on behalf of our franchisees across Canada. 

The purpose of the GUS Certified Contractor Program is to ensure that we are attracting the most qualified subcontractors and are capturing up-to-date information. Selection of qualified subcontractors combined with the need to create a safe workplace has come to the forefront of the restoration and construction industry. Owners, general contractors, insurers, and restorers all have a vested interest in creating safe working environments.

GUS and our more than 240 Franchisees across Canada are committed to providing unparalleled service to our insurer partners by empowering them with the resources that enable them to more effectively manage property losses. 

Pre-Qualification Benefits:

  • Pre-qualification process enables the GUS franchisee to select contractors who have demonstrated the required experience, capability and capacity they rely on each and every day.
  • Pre-qualified contractors have demonstrated the capability to provide better more consistent project outcomes.
  • The pre-qualification process results in controlled claims costs while maintaining appropriate levels of competition and professionalism.
  • Allows GUS, to reduce claim cycle timelines for insurers, to more effectively implement continuous customer service improvement initiatives and insured’s confidence.

BackCheck program

GUS has implemented due diligence measures in screening and selecting qualified subcontractors. Scrutinizing potential subcontractors and evaluating the risk associated with these relationships requires diligence and long-term monitoring. Having a defined screening system in place for monitoring, is a market differentiator for our clients and insurer partners. 

Subcontractors who work with GUS franchisees are particularly important representatives of GUS. Contracting out services is common in industries such as ours.

GUS has partnered with BackCheck, a leading Canadian based provider of screening and monitoring services. BackCheck ensures all outside contractors adhere to GUS’s internal regulations and represent the franchisor, franchisee and our clients in a professional manner.

In addition to screening, BackCheck provides GUS Certified Contractor identification badges to each applicant. The I.D. badges must been be worn at all times while performing services for GUS franchisee. BackCheck ID badges allow clients within seconds to verify the information by visiting www.backcheck.net/verify and entering the serial number and last name of the representative.

The online profile of the professional entering your home shows a true image of their badge, including employee’s name, picture, serial number, badge expiration date, and a list of the background checks and verified credentials. Providing our subcontractors with a verifiable BackCheck ID Badges immediately add both credibility and confidence with your clients.

Focus on prevention

As damage restoration professionals, we believe it is our responsibility to inform the public that it is important to act now to introduce good practices to prevent, or at least limit, the risk of a disaster.

A host of small measures can make all the difference in avoiding common damage from things like broken water heaters, sewer backups, kitchen fires, etc. We have created a series of prevention tips for insureds.

We suggest some simple tricks, most of which you can safely do yourself. We want insureds to be able to implement our tips in their homes or businesses on their own.

You can't predict the future, but you can lower the chances of a disaster.

Major losses

With its expertise and vast network of franchises, GUS handles many major cases requiring a large workforce and specialized equipment every single year.

Whether it's for plants, residential buildings, or office towers, we use the full force of our network to manage major damage caused by water, fire, smoke, or hazardous material spills.

A proven intervention protocol

GUS regularly updates its major loss intervention protocol to ensure we can intervene quickly and effectively and clients are taken care of immediately after a disaster. The staff at our Damage Response Centre is on call 24/7, and our operations directors are on site to ensure our clients' cases are closely tracked throughout the restoration project.

When it comes to major damage, our specialists can quickly mobilize teams and set up conditions to minimize impacts anywhere across the country.

A unique damage response centre

At GUS, we can attest firsthand that disasters can happen at any time and without warning. That's why we set up our own Damage Response Centre, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last year alone, we handled over 35,000 interventions for insurance companies.

Specialized damage restoration staff

Our claims management centre is composed of individuals trained to respond to emergencies. They can effectively handle the cases assigned to them and deal with your clients diligently and professionally.

Proven information technology

We believe IT tools are essential to providing quality communication, documenting our claim files, and keeping our teams efficient. We use all the means at our disposal to make sure we have the best infrastructure and software available on the market.

GUS has its own IT systems and servers, allowing us to operate 24/7. In the event of a disaster or power outage at our head office, a business continuity plan is implemented, and our system remains operational thanks to anticipatory measures.

The tools available to GUS franchises include access to the GUSzone portal, a Web platform synchronized with the head office's central system. That means our franchises are up-to-date on the latest insurance industry news and standards and have access to their forms and claim files. GUSzone is available on all types of stationary and mobile platforms to ensure our teams are as effective as possible and information can be shared in real time.

Business continuity plan

The GUS business continuity plan was introduced to handle catastrophes that could hinder or interrupt business activities. In the event of a major disaster, our continuity plan lets us maintain the services essential to your business's operation (e.g., the Damage Response Centre), take over the technological infrastructure and IT systems supporting essential services, and have a logistics plan for the support team.

Chrono -plan

The Chrono Plan

Under 17 minutes or it’s free*

The Chrono Plan is an exclusive GUS program that offers insurers the guarantee that their clients will be contacted as quickly as possible. As soon as your emergency case is reported, one of our agents assigns a GUS franchise and contacts your client directly in under 17 minutes...or it’s free*.

About the Chrono Plan


Everyone knows that a fast reaction time means less damage and lower costs. Our promise to contact your insured with 17 minutes* is a great solution for you and your client.

Peace of mind

Groupe Urgence Sinistre and its franchises take care of everything for you. In no time, your client is reassured and management is simplified. You get peace of mind.


The Chrono Plan is more than a guaranteed response time of under 17 minutes*. It is the promise of quick, effective intervention by Quebec's top professionals. We are the biggest network of damage restoration professionals. We are your partner every single day, and our commitment also includes easy and courteous business relations.

Our Chrono Plan is yet another part of our desire to offer a comprehensive and completely reassuring solution.

* Conditions

  • The Chrono Plan applies only to emergency work.
  • The 17-minute response time guarantee corresponds to the time between the end of transmission of the case by the insurer (by phone or fax) and the phone call from a GUS professional to the insured.
  • Cases must be transmitted by phone directly to our claims management centre at 1-800-361-0911 or by fax at 1-888-839-3321.
  • Cases transmitted by email or a software program like Symbility, Xactimate, or Smart are not eligible for this program.
  • All cases stemming from a natural disaster are excluded from our commitment.


Simple and efficient management of your files

The Aleve forms used by GUS franchises are working tools that let you quickly see the extent of the damages and the estimated budget for the work required—allowing you to make informed decisions in little time.

This series of comprehensive and detailed forms also provides clear and accurate information on what steps will be taken, the required timeframe, and the equipment our franchises will use.


The best practices are at your disposal

GUS franchises undergo intense, ongoing training to be able to apply the best work methods, for a quicker, more effective response.

GUS organizes biannual provincial meetings during which a variety of workshops and conferences are hosted by trainers with experience in disaster cleanup, drains and sewers, crisis management, and other topics. In addition, throughout the year, our franchises receive technical training provide by private facilities specialized in disaster cleanup.

GUS advocates sharing knowledge and best business practices between all franchises. This approach to learning brings to light the best and most innovative management and work techniques used by some franchises so they can be applied throughout our network, for the greater good of disaster victims.