Our Story

Groupe Urgence Sinistre (GUS) is Quebec’s largest network of damage restoration professionals.

GUS was founded in 1991 by Quebec City area entrepreneurs Doris Landry and Louise Larochelle. Over the years it forged a solid gold reputation and credibility among insurance companies with its full line of innovative damage restoration services, all under one roof.

Today GUS boasts more than 240 franchises in seven provinces and employs close to 3,000 people and is owned by the founders’ son and President René-Charles Landry.

Our Mission

In partnership with property and casualty insurance stakeholders, GUS develops and provides complete, cutting-edge damage restoration services through its franchise network for the betterment of those who have experienced damage to their property. 

Our Values

  • Respect means treating our employees, clients, and business partners as we ourselves would wish to be treated: with consideration, kindness, and dignity.
  • Integrity means approaching our clients, suppliers, and colleagues straightforwardly and genuinely.  
  • Excellence means creating an environment where everyone can flourish, where each individual gets the support he or she needs to attain his or her fullest potential. Excellence also means that we must every day push our limits in our work in order to meet the needs of our clients and business partners. 
  • Solidarity is a critical social value that allows us to work together, both as individuals and as a company, towards a common goal—making a difference for our clients, business partners, and those who have experienced loss. Solidarity is also bound up with the importance to us standing by our colleagues, both when they succeed and when they fail. 

Our Commitment

GUS professionals adhere to a very strict code of conduct. Our commitment is based not just on respect for people who have experienced loss and for their property but also on timely action, careful selection of the best franchisees, and honest relations with insurers. For our professionals, excellence is not merely a goal; it is a state of mind perfectly integrated into our daily work, part of our every action and our approach to those who have experienced damage to their property. It is a total commitment to making life easier for those we serve. 

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