Fire and smoke damage

Once the fire is under control


  • Call GUS. We’ll put you in touch with your insurance agent or broker. We have agreements with all Quebec insurers and we adhere to their standards and policies. Please be ready to disclose any important details about the emergency as well as your insurance policy number.
  • Move around the house as little as possible to prevent soot particles from getting into stuffed furniture and carpets. 


  • Enter your home without authorization from someone in charge.
  • Try to clean the walls or other painted surfaces without talking to a professional first.
  • Try to clean the carpets or stuffed furniture without consulting a professional first.
  • Clean electrical appliances, TVs, radios, or other appliances that have been in contact with or close to heat, water, or fire without consulting an authorized service centre first.
  • Consume canned or packaged food or beverages that were near fire, smoke, or water. They could be contaminated.
  • Use lights or fans installed on wet ceilings.
  • Send your clothes to a cleaner who is not familiar with disaster cleanup because improper cleaning could permanently saturate the clothes with the smell of smoke.