Who Is Involved in A Claim and What Is Their Roles?


Who is involved in a claim?

When a disaster occurs, several people are involved in your case. 

A disaster is always a great ordeal to go through. It is always easier to face it by knowing who will be there to help us. Know that each of these experts is there for you and with you. Never hesitate to ask them questions so that you can clarify the post-disaster process and find peace of mind. 

Here is a list of the main people that will accompany you along with a brief description of their role to help you. 


The five main types of stakeholders 

  • The insurer: You can initially deal with the insurer or broker if you suffer a loss. 
  • The independent adjuster: This is one of the certified professionals who analyze the facts and circumstances of claims (fire, theft, accident, etc.) for the adjusting firm. Adjustment firms are mandated by insurers to handle cases on their behalf. They work on behalf of several insurers. 
  • Claims adjuster (internal):  This is a certified professional who analyzes the facts and circumstances of losses (fire, theft, accident, etc.). The in-house adjuster is employed by an insurance company. 
  • The broker: This is an independent company that acts as an intermediary between an insurance company and the consumer.
  • The post-disaster company: This is an independent company in charge of restoring a place affected by a disaster.

We specialize in disaster recovery

Now that you have a better understanding of the different roles of the parties involved in a disaster, you are better equipped to understand what is going on.

In the event of a disaster, call GUS immediately in order to find peace of mind.

Wind, water, fire, oil, vandalism, we are here for you.vous. 

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