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What to do in case of an oil spill?

A persisting smell

While quite rare, oil spills can be very bothersome. In addition of being a fire hazard, the odour given off by just a few drops of oil is enough to stink up an entire residence.

Whether the leak is from a compromised heating system or an oil spill that occurred during commercial transport, here is a safety guide on what to do to deal with an oil spill.

Did you know that… an oil tank can leak years after it was last filled?

What to do

What not to do

  • As soon as possible, check the condition of your tank and, if possible, locate the oil leak. If possible, to avoid further damage, stop the leak. If you are not able to stop it, use a container to collect the oil.
  • In order to remove the smell of oil that has spread in the air, be sure to ventilate the affected rooms by opening the doors and windows.
  • Sponge up the oil spill with absorbents as quickly as possible, while making sure not to touch it directly with your hands.
  • Keep any contaminated furniture, appliances and clothing away.
  • Call GUS. Our role is to support you by putting you in touch with your insurer so that you can send them the necessary information, in addition to providing you with specialized services that will settle your claim quickly.
  • Smoke near contaminated areas.
  • Touch the oil with bare hands.
  • Turn on the heat in the room.
  • Discard the oil outside. It could contaminate the water table and the soil, in addition to harming plants and wildlife.
  • Wait before intervening. It is necessary to act quickly since any porous material is likely to become soaked with oil. The consequences of not intervening could be very serious.

We are here

In all cases, regardless of the source of the oil spill, be sure to keep yourself and your loved ones away from the fumes, as they could pose a health risk. As always, if in doubt contact GUS, and most importantly, stay out of harm’s way. We are here to support you at every stage of your claim.